Website Analysis

The Website Analysis section will help you to get an overview of the current status of your web project. In addition, this information is needed to determine which the necessary improvements are and which weaknesses and errors need to be revised or corrected.

To get the analysis, click Start Analysis and Hello Engines! will retrieve all the necessary data from and about your website. To stop it, use the Cancel button in the progress window. To see when the last analysis was completed, you can take a look at the History.  

If you want to see different results of your project shown in the history, you can click the New Analysis button.  

To exclude single areas of analysis or whole parts of it, uncheck the according item in the list of things which ASEOPS analyzes. Red and blue arrows symbolize the importance of certain optimization factors regarding the ranking.

When the analysis is finished, you will get an overall rating for the current project and can see in the list which optimization areas are already OK and which need to be improved by having a look at the Rating which goes from 0,00% to 100,00%. You can then see the results of the analysis in the Analysis Report section.

Note: You can change the importance and weight of the analysis elements in the ASEOPS program options on the Custom Ratings tab.