SEO Check List

There are numerous factors which are important for a successful search engine optimization and which you should bear in mind after creating the actual website.

The SEO Check List in ASEOPS offers you a check list with which you can carry out these steps one by one. That way you can always maintain an overview even with several projects.

The list is divided into 12 steps. Select one step and read the corresponding text about it at Comments. To see the individual tasks which belong to a step, click the + icon.

As soon as you have finished a task, check the little box in front of it. The Task Status of this task will then be set to Done. The Task Status of the 12 steps will also be adjusted, so that you always know how much of each step is still open.

At ASEOPS functions you will directly find the function to check or do the task mentioned. Click it to reach the corresponding module at once.