SEO Analyzer

To do a SEO analysis, select the according section from the Document Optimization module. Click Start Scan and ASEOPS will retrieve all the necessary data from and about your website. To stop use the Cancel button in the progress window.

Once the analysis was completed, you will get a list below to see which optimization areas are already ok and which need to be improved.

By clicking the +-icon you will see the subpages of the website and their rating and analysis.

Note: You can define different keywords on which the analysis is based for each page of your website project. To do so, select a page and change or add keywords in the Page Keywords section on the right. You can also add keywords from a list which you have created in the Keywords section by clicking Load from template.

 The results of the SEO Analyzer can be found in the SEO Report section. Here you can export your report or print the results. You can customize your report by selecting a template which you have previously created in the Templates section.