Quick Start

You want to start immediately without reading the entire user manual? The following instructions will help you:

1. Go to the Project section and click New to create a new project based on your URL. Fill in the most important data and select a primary keyword and search engine for the project.

2. Navigate to the Analysis section and have your website analyzed. You will receive an overall rating for your site which will show you the current state regarding optimization. In addition, you can check the HTML code, links and load time of your website in this section of ASEOPS.

3. In the Keywords section you can create keywords and keyword lusts and find new keyword combinations using different keyword tools.

4. To determine the current ranking of your website for specific keywords go to the Ranking section. Here you can also see a history of your ranking results.

5. In the Tools section, you can check many details, as for example regarding the backlinks and PageRank division of your website and create sitemaps, meta tags and robots.txt files.

4. Go to the Reports section and print or save all the necessary reports, so that you can compare your current results to the one which you achieve during the optimization process.