Metatag Generator

With meta tags you can ensure that each document of your website is correctly indexed. Every single page of your site should have individual meta tags referring to the respective content of that page.

The Metatag Generator helps you to create meta tags fast and easily.

Create Standard Tags

Enter a value for each meta tag. Via the New button you can start a different meta tag project, while Open will allow you to open a metag tag project you already created before.  You will find more information about the different meta tag types in the Meta Tags topic.

Use Import to read existing meta tags from existing HTML files or from an online URL and to edit or insert them into other documents.

Tip: Import an existing HTML file to check whether it contains valid meta tags.

After having filled out all the fields, you can save your meta tags via Save as as a meta tag file (.mtg).

Afterwards, select the Generate tab below.



    The list contains all meta tags which you previously filled in. Uncheck any item which you do not want to use for your current file.

    Then, click Generate to create the correct code. It is shown in the Results section.

    By using the Copy to clipboard button you can copy the generated meta tags and paste them into a HTML document. If you select As HTML page the correct tags






    are directly created and copied as well.

    Alternatively, you can add your meta tags to a HTML document by opening the Insert tab.  



    Click Add file to select a HTML file, into which you would like to insert the generated meta tags. ViaAdd folder you can add all files within a specific folder to the list.

    Next click Insert to insert all created meta tags into the selected files.

    TheEdit HTML button will open the HTML document directly in the HTML Editor.