HTML Validator

The HTML Validator checks source code of HTML documents for superfluous or wrong attributes and commands, automatically created, for example, by some WYSIWYG editors (WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get). They affect loading time, especially in bigger documents, or even cause mistakes on the site.

Click Start Analysis to start the reading process. The amount of time needed depends on the complexity of your site and the speed of your connection. Click the lower half of the Start Analysis button to do a custom scan. In the Custom Scan dialog, you can select a Scan Depth to determine to which level ASEOPS is going to follow links on your site and increase/decrease the number of Threads to increase/decrease the query speed. In addition, you can skip certain pages, folders and session IDs

The number of errors and warnings is displayed in the Details window. To see the exact error or warning for a page, click the + icon.

In addition, you can have a look at the titel, type, size and modification date of each linked page. To see all details about a specific subsite at a glance, select it and click Properties in the tool bar.

If you have entered your FTP connection data for this project in the Project Files section you can directly edit the according site in an HTML Editor by clicking Edit HTML and upload the site afterwards.

You can export the data you have received to different formats or create a report via the Report tab. Thus, you will be able to compare the current results to the ones you will have after optimizing your website.