Create HTML templates

By default ASEOPS uses the embedded HTML template for generating HTML status reports. You can also generate your own templates. In the program you find the file StatusReport.html. You can change this file as you like, for example you can define your own CSS style, change the page color or add text before or after the table. Please note that you cannot change the following block of HTML code:




    <th class="left"><#Success></th>

    <th class="left"><#SearchService></th>

    <th class="left"><#URL></th>

    <th class="left"><#Date></th>

    <th class="left"><#Code></th>

    <th class="left"><#Message></th>





Save the HTML file under a different name and enter the path in the Path for HTML template field at Options/Status. The program will then use your generated template for the HTML status reports.