Backlinks List

The Backlinks List will help you to find and analyze external links to your website.

Click Retrieve Backlinks to start the query of links for the project URL. By default, the found links will automatically be analyzed. You can change this setting by clicking the lower half of the Retrieve Backlinks button.

Note: The number of found/analyzed links can be increased in the scan settings which you will see if you click the lower half of the Find Links button. If there are dublicates among the found links, you may receive slightly less links than set.

In addition, you can manually add backlinks which you know or found by clicking Add URL or Import (.txt or .csv files). If you select a backlink in the list, you can delete it from the list.

Via Analyze Backlinks all the backlinks in your list will be (re-)analyzed.

The results table offers the following values:

You can have a closer look at one link by double-clicking it or by selecting it and clicking the Properties button in the toolbar. In addition, you can open the website in your browser from here.

Via Find Backlink you can search for a particular backlink in the list.

On the Report tab you can create a report of all the backlinks which are currently in the list - for your records or for your customer. Alternatively, you can export the link list into different formats like CSV or TXT.